(Video) Gomez Jr. shoves Giles ahead of their boxing bout causing a stir

On Saturday night, all eyes will be on Manchester’s AO Arena as Lawrence Okolie defends his WBO cruiserweight world title against the undefeated New Zealander, David Light. The British former Olympian has successfully defended his title twice since claiming it in 2021, and he will be looking to continue his winning streak in this highly-anticipated bout.

David Light, with a record of 20-0-0 and 12 KOs, will be Okolie’s third challenger since he claimed the title. Light is no stranger to the sport, but he will be facing his most illustrious opponent yet. The former Team GB athlete holds a 3.5 inch height advantage over Okolie, which could give him an edge in the ring.

However, Okolie’s impressive track record, with 18-0-0 and 14 KOs, shows that he is not one to be underestimated. With his strong punches and impressive footwork, he has proven himself to be a formidable opponent. It will be a tough challenge for Light to dethrone the current champion, but anything is possible in the ring.

Elsewhere on the undercard there was a stir.

Boxers Michael Gomez Jr. and Levi Giles were involved in a heated exchange during their weigh-in, which resulted in Gomez pushing Giles to the ground. The incident was unexpected and took the audience by surprise, including promoters, boxing teams, media, and fans.

Security personnel immediately intervened to separate the boxers, who were scheduled to box each other the next day as part of the Lawrence Okolie vs David Light card. Gomez, with a record of 18-1, surprised the undefeated Giles (13-0) with his sudden outburst.

According to reports, there were some things said during a press conference the day prior that may have triggered Gomez Jr.’s aggressive behavior. “I’ll punch you up now,” Gomez had told Giles. “I don’t know something about him,” he elaborated. “Saturday night time we’ll discover out who he’s.”

Giles, on the other hand, chose to remain quiet during the argument and responded by saying, “I do my speaking within the ring. It’s an excellent check for me, see the place I’m at.”

Gomez’s anger escalated, and he threatened to punch Giles in the face. Following the disagreement, Giles commented, “He’s simply made himself appear to be an absolute idiot up there.”

The incident has raised questions about the importance of self-control and professionalism in sports. Boxers are expected to maintain composure during weigh-ins and other promotional events, and incidents like these can affect their reputation and future prospects.