(Video) Glover Teixeira tears up describing grandpa’s reaction to his title win

Sport of MMA is so young that many of fighter’s relatives aren’t quite sure how it works. During the media day for UFC 275 in Singapore, reigning champion Glover Teixeira revealed how his grandpa had an unbelievable reaction to him securing the ‘world championship’.

Teixeira spent a number of years in the UFC before finally securing the title at age 42.

Teixeira is the 2nd oldest champion in the UFC behind longtime friend Chuck Liddell.

Teixeira previously discussed how social media infamy is corrupting Paulo Costa.

“I believe ‘Borrachinha’ is too corrupted by Instagram and YouTube followers, maybe he wants attention to gain followers, like Jake Paul,” Teixeira said. “I can’t say because maybe he’s doing the right thing.”

“Honestly, look, he has more followers than me, right? Maybe that’s worth more money down the line, so who am I to talk? If that’s his goal, gain more followers and be the Kim Kardashian of Instagram, he’s on the right path. Now, if his goal is to become champion, he has to leave the controversies aside and focus on training, diet, and what he wants.”

“I’m not saying he’s right or wrong,” said the UFC light heavyweight champion. “If we’re talking about money and followers, he’s right. It’s not my goal to have followers. My goal was always to be the best fighter in the world. When I retire from fighting, I’ll delete all my social media and start over.”