(Video) Girl wins men’s divison at local BJJ tournament

Questions pertaining to sex and gender are all too real when it comes to combat sports. This is especially relevant considering the move to re-examine what sex and gender mean in all facets of life.

To name a few, men have more muscle density, more bone density, superior testosterone levels that enable them to compete better, more red blood cells (women have mean levels approximately 12% lower than men) and the differences continue.

Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson once had a fun discussion on the topic detailing:

“There is a difference and it’s not to say that females aren’t, aren’t competent and I mean I had Miriam Nakamoto on yesterday she’s a good friend of mine she’s an eight-time World Muay Thai champion and she’s a monster but she doesn’t fight against men and she shouldn’t fight against men although she probably could beat a bunch of them.” – Rogan explained

Peterson contributed:
“A tough woman can beat a variety of men but a really tough man can beat all women yes right so that’s the problem.”

Grappling is an interesting discipline for intergender matches because due to lack of striking there’s not as much stigma and men commonly roll with women during the course of a class.

One girl recently put all these words to a test when she decided to compete in the men’s division at a local tournament.

This wasn’t necessarily a preference – female divisions are famously underpopulated in BJJ competitions due to the fact that most schools are still MMA centric, not too inviting to the general female population.

The woman in question likely has a judo background, giving her the edge – particularly in contests that start standing considering that majority of BJJ schools doesn’t work on their takedowns but instead accents pulling guard which is earning Sports BJJ a bad reputation.

The woman in question ended up winning a total of 4 matches – meaning this was likely a 16 person bracket which is all the more impressive.