(Video) Gilbert Burns breaks down arm triangle finish he used at UFC 283 against Magny

Gilbert Burns just defeated Neil Magny via submission in their matchup at UFC 283. Burns was able to dominate Magny and put him in an arm triangle hold towards the end of round 1. 

The two dueled on their feet until Burns was able to get Magny on the ground. He was then able to mount him and lock on the hold. Magny resisted for a while but he tapped eventually, bringing Burns back to the win column.

A clip has surfaced which shows Burns explaining the hold in his dojo. Burns can be seen in the full mount position on a student as he puts his left arm behind the student’s head.

Burns then transfers the student’s left arm in front of his face, right by his ear, which is the hardest part of the submission.

He completes the hold by locking his hands together and moving his legs toward the other side to put more pressure on the student.

While Burns has won 9 of his 26 via submission, this is the first time that he’s won via the arm triangle. He’s known for utilizing the armbar or the rear-naked choke.

After submitting Magny to the arm triangle, Burns revealed in his octagon nterview that he wants to face Colby Covington.

He recently talked to TMZ and said that he wants “Chaos” on TUF. Burns wants to beat Covington and also coach a team against him.

“If I could pick, because I couldn’t pick for a while, I want Colby. That’s a go-to title shot. If I beat Colby, especially right now. I would love to make a coach [on TUF] and compete against Colby,” said Burns.

He said that he’s going to have a meeting with UFC president Dana White and UFC CBO Hunter Campbell regarding his future plans.

Burns has already told them that Covington is his first priority:

“I talked to Dana and Hunter right after the fight. “They said they would have a meeting [Monday] or Tuesday and they will let me know. I already put a lot of options. That’s my number one pick.”