(Video) Getting cocky in an altercation severely backfires

Altercations are a part of life. This is why it’s so pertinent to have a grasp on martial arts even if you never intend to use them. Just having that knowledge in your back pocket can make you more confident, self assured and provide the push you need in life to reach for what you want.

But in martial arts and in life, ego gets in the way. In fact, there’s an entire genre dedicated to an assortment of cocky moves that later backfires.

On one occasion, Petr Yan was being asked if street fighting can help boost a professional MMA fighter’s overall performance. ‘No Mercy’ explained that in a street fight you don’t get to choose your opponents and there are no weight classes, rules, or a referee to halt the fight.

He believes having experience in a way harder and dangerous fight would make a professional fight easier.

“100 percent street fighting can help your MMA career. It’s a great experience. The street is the place where the gong is not turned on. Where there is no referee. Sometimes you have to survive. I never had a choice with whom to fight, so I am ready to take on any opponent.” Petr Yan  said.

We’ve seen if all – from the layman to the professionals who dance their way to their octagon entrance only to end their actual bout in bare seconds and with no memory of what transpired.

This latest altercation is reminiscent of what tends to take place in the ring. You can see two gentlemen in a dispute – but as one thinks he’s gotten an edge over the other, things go horribly wrong.