(Video) Francis Ngannou bursts laughing at Ryan Garcia bodyshot challenge

Francis Ngannou, the former UFC heavyweight champion, recently had some fun with boxing star Ryan Garcia by taking on the bodyshot challenge. Despite the intense nature of the challenge, both men couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

Ngannou left the UFC in January after failing to come to an agreement on his contract with the organization

. He was seeking sponsorship, health insurance, and representation for all UFC athletes, but the UFC refused to grant his requests. Now that ‘The Predator’ is a free agent, he is exploring new opportunities in other MMA promotions or the boxing ring. There are even rumors that he may join the PFL.

During a previous encounter with undefeated lightweight boxer Ryan Garcia, Ngannou participated in the body shot challenge, which went viral on social media.

The game involved Garcia challenging people to take powerful body shots while wearing a body pad. Despite Garcia’s best efforts, Ngannou barely flinched and the two men laughed it off. This display of strength shows the impact that size can have on power and strength.

Garcia spoke about the challenge during a recent appearance on UFC athlete Paddy Pimblett’s channel, explaining that Ngannou was the toughest person he had ever challenged. Garcia also mentioned that Ngannou refused to lean against the wall like the other participants, a move that seemed to perplex Garcia.

Ryan Garcia, the former WBC interim lightweight champion, is an undefeated knockout artist with a total of 23 matches under his belt.

He is known for his lightning-fast speed and has knocked out his opponents in 19 of his matches. Garcia is set to return to the ring this weekend on April 22 at