(Video) Former boxing champion Adrien Broner melts down over McDonald’s order

Former boxing champion Adrien Broner is facing scrutiny after a recent incident at McDonald’s.

Broner made his comeback to the ring this summer against Bill Hutchinson, securing his first win in over two years through a unanimous decision. Post-victory, he called out notable names like Floyd Mayweather and Regis Prograis.

But since then, Broner has maintained silence about a potential return to the ring. It leaves one to ponder whether any talk of a comeback will be temporarily shelved.

Just this week, a video emerged which captured the former champion in the midst of a heated exchange at McDonald’s.

Broner himself posted the video on Instagram, with a friend behind the camera. The clip showed the ex-champion vociferously expressing his dissatisfaction with the McDonald’s staff, evidently irritated by an incorrect order. He entered the establishment shirtless and was promptly asked to leave.

Refusing to comply, Broner continued to berate the employees. Although he mentioned grabbing one of them, the situation eventually de-escalated without resorting to violence. However, the restaurant did issue a warning about involving the police.


While the video casts a negative light, Broner has yet to address the incident. Despite his perennially controversial reputation, his boxing career has taken a downhill turn in the past decade.

Since 2013, he has been in and out of legal trouble. His latest arrest was in October 2021.

While his victory against Bill Hutchinson in June seemed like a positive stride, it appears that Adrien Broner finds himself entangled in another predicament.

The professional boxing record of Broner is 34-4-1. He has won several titles in four different weight divisions. Over the course of more than 14 years, he achieved several records.

Interestingly, Broner previously challenged former UFC icon Nate Diaz to a boxing match against him. He even posted a mock-up poster of himself and Nate, suggesting that they might box soon.