(Video) Footballer sucker punched by a pitch invader, wrestles intruder into submission

In a surprising turn of events, Sevilla goalkeeper Marko Dmitrovic was attacked by a pitch invader after his team’s 2-0 win against PSV Eindhoven. The incident happened during the closing stages of the second leg of the Europa League play-off clash between the two sides.

Sevilla had a comfortable 3-0 lead from the first leg, but PSV gave them a scare after Luuk de Jong scored against his former team in the 77th minute. Despite Fabio Silva’s second goal late in the game, Sevilla held on to secure their spot in the last-16.

However, the victory was marred by a fan running onto the pitch and trying to assault Dmitrovic. The goalkeeper managed to pin down the hooligan before other players arrived to help.

Dmitrovic, who was left with a visible bruise on his neck, has called on UEFA to take action.

‘I have never seen anything like it,’ Dmitrovic told Movistar Plus as a bruise could be seen on his neck.

‘I’ll keep my mouth shut so I don’t say what I would really like to do in that moment.

‘He wanted to hurt me, it’s a shame that something like this happens in football field. UEFA must intervene.’

Sevilla manager Jorge Sampaoli was also furious about the incident, stating that the sanction should have been more severe.

Sampaoli was understandably not happy at all with what had gone on.

‘What happened today seems very serious to me,’ he later added to reporters.

‘I don’t know the type of sanction I should have taken, because it should have been more severe. It is incredibly sad that this has happened. I find it worrying; this type of thing needs to stop.

‘We need to work together to ensure it does. This cannot happen again in the future.’

This incident highlights the need for greater security measures at football matches to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. It also serves as a reminder that violence has no place in sports and that fans should always respect the players and the game.