(Video) Football legend filmed in violent incident in front of a stadium in Qatar

Football has always been somewhat of a joke among MMA fans. The sport was once described as least ‘least talented on Earth\ by Dana White.

“Soccer. Whole another ball game. Can’t stand soccer. I think that it’s the least talented sport on Earth. There’s a reason three year-olds can play soccer. You run around and kick a ball. Yeah, Landsburg said. You wouldn’t say that if you were Brazil. I said, Dude, I say this in every country, every. When you’re playing a game where the net is this big, right? And the score is 3-1?”

Still this doesn’t mean you should be trying to upset a man who kicks for a living.

Former Barcelona FC star Samuel Eto was accosted by a cameraman in front of a World Cup stadium in Qatar.

The 41-year-old former Cameroon representative was making his way out of the venue after a match and appeared happy to pose with fans.

But one man in particular was pursuing him and filming him with a camera which quickly annoyed him.

Despite mulitple on lookers trying to defuse the situation, Eto was seen returning to confront individual.

On lookers even restrained him at one point but he broke free and brutally kneed the man to his head sending him flying backwards.

Eto’o was then taken away from the scene by what appear to be members of his entourage.

It’s unknown what caused the conflict. Eto’o is in Qatar as a World Cup 2022 legacy ambassador. Eto’o retired from professional football in 2019. He made a mark with stints in Barcelona and Inter.

Eto’o scored 56 goals for Cameroon during his tenure on the squad. He was selected as the president of the Cameroon football federation in 2021.

Cameroon exited the Qatar 2022 World Cup at the group stage, finishing third in Group G but despite that Cameroon made an impression, winning 1-0 against Brazil in the closing match.