(Video) Figueiredo brings banana to final face off to taunt Moreno over racist remarks

Deiveson Figueiredo just brought a banana to his final face-off with his arch-rival, Brandon Moreno. The two will be competing for 4th time for the UFC Flyweight championship tomorrow at UFC 283. 

The two were doing the stare-down while Figueiredo could be seen provoking the “Assasin Baby”.

When the interviewer reached out to Figueiredo, he stayed silent and pulled out a banana while continuously provoking Moreno. Moreno didn’t say anything when this happened but he did shake his head. After this, Figueiredo would walk away and eat the fruit.

Here, Figueiredo is referring to his earlier claims, when he accused Moreno’s ex-coach of being racist towards him. Figueiredo says that the alleged racist called him a “monkey” and that he didn’t want to fight Moreno anymore.

This didn’t go well with fans and the media who just felt that Figueiredo was trying to dodge Moreno.

Member of Moreno’s team was caught using a monkey instagram filter over video of Figueiredo talking at a presser during one of their previous clashes.

Figueiredo himself has been accused of racism when he called out Kai Kara France after trying to dodge Moreno. The champ called the New Zealander a “dirty kiwi” when he told him he was ready for him.

Regardless, the two will be squaring off tomorrow. They’ve certainly had an interesting trilogy with their first bout, at UFC 256, being marked a draw.

They then competed at UFC 263 where Moreno submitted Figueiredo in the third round to win the 125-pound title, becoming the first-ever Mexican to win gold in the UFC.

Their third saw Figueiredo win back the title after a unanimous decision win at UFC 270.

While fans are excited about the supposed tie-breaker, they are skeptical of Figueiredo’s ability to compete at 125 lbs, due to his completely drained state a few days ago.

Figueiredo hinted at a move to 135lbs after this bout.