(Video) Fighter taps himself out after failing to leglock opponent

MMA is a great sport. On any given day there are a number of events across the globe. Russian MMA promotion Arena aired their latest event on their youtube channel and it features something you don’t really see often.
Early on during one of the events in the bantamweight bout a 1-0 Magomed Gadzhiev and Abutrobov clash.

The two start striking but after a caught kick Gadzhiev ends up in side control. A little while into it they stand back up.

At this point Abustrobov shoots and gets caught in a guillotine during the scramble. Abutrobov looks compromised – but then he hits a duck under to pin Gadzhiev to the cage.

He appears to be in the lead – but then he tries to go for a rolling kneebar and fails spectacularly.

On the bright side the pop MMA tag means we likely won’t be seeing this gentleman against actual professional fighters considering his skillset is sorely lacking.