(Video) Fighter Slams Opponent With Trash Lid Mid Fight – Pays The Price

A video of a muay thai fight has recently gone viral once viewers got a glimpse of the madness that ensued.

In the video a fighter is seen hitting his opponent with a garbage-can lid. All this happens during a Muay Thai fight.

But unfortunately for him, his opponent’s corner also had a garbage can lid to retaliate with.

Then the two fighters recover from the trash lid blows, and start trading strikes with each other in the pocket.

From there, the unexpected happens. A once-in-a-lifetime rocky-like double knockout happens and the match ends in its climax.

Sadly, the clip ends before the Muay Thai fighters start eating trash as celebration.

As much as it hurts to admit it, that video is not real.

Events like these are common in Thailand. Fighters act out crazy moves and stunts for entertainment, think of it like a Muay Thai WWE.

If you’d like to check out the entire fight, you can see it here:

Every great fighter takes inspiration from a former great fighter. Anderson Silva took great inspiration from Bruce Lee, Georges St Pierre was a huge fan of Royce Gracie …

And for these Muay Thai fighters, they are obviously inspired by the all time great Danny Devito and his in-ring persona, The Trash man.