(Video) Fighter pulls off ultra rare scorpion rib crush submission

Amateur MMA has improved so much in the past few decades. And now, the amateur fighters are pushing themselves to separate from the pack and go pro.

One that was determined to become a household name is the recent Cobra Fighting Championship participant Joel Fernandes. Fernandes submitted his opponent with an ultra rare submission.

Cobra Fighting Championship (Cobra FC) is an amateur MMA organization based on Florida.

In the short clip shared online, Joel Fernandes was trying to level change with a double leg takedown. However, his opponent proved to be stronger but he scrambled and got to a the top position.

From the bottom full guard, Fernandes then crossed his legs, pressing his opponent’s ribs. He also pressed his legs with his hands, adding pressure to the crushing. This move is known as a Scorpion Rib Crush submission.

The seemingly-clueless opponent initially tried to strike his way to break the submission attempt. However, he ultimately succumbed to the pain and tap out.

This submission is legal above white belt level in BJJ. Despite being legal, very few use the submission because it drains a lot of energy and takes a long time to make the opponent submit.

In the pro ranks itself, the submission is a sight to behold for its rarity. Even so, it is not an impossible move to pull as one submission took place at Bellator 247.

Back in October 2020, Slovak Monika Chochlikova made her debut at the event against fellow debutant Jade Jorand. Three minutes into the second round, Chochlikova wrapped her legs around Jorand’s ribs and press it just like Fernandes did at Cobra FC. After a few seconds of the crushing, Jorand finally submitted to the move.