(Video) Female judoka pins down thief in choke hold after he snatches her phone

A judo practitioner pinned down a thief in a choke hold after he snatched her phone on the street.

The woman, whose name has not been released, was filmed detaining a suspected thief in the city of Manaus in the Brazilian state of Amazonas on March 24 at around 5pm.

After grabbing her phone, the thief ran down the street but the woman was able to get a hold of him and pin him down thanks to her martial arts expertise.

The woman, who practices judo, was able to detain the suspect on the ground with a variation of the rear naked choke hold, according to local media.

She held the suspect down on the scene until officers arrived to take him to the police station.

An onlooker filmed the incident.

The suspect was handcuffed upon the police’s arrival and the woman shoved him away from her and got to her. Bystanders clapped and cheered her on.

In spite of a large number of martial arts practitioners, Brazil has a big problem with crime.

Cell phone thefts in particular have been steadily rising since 2017 and around 50% of the population in Brazil had their mobile phone stolen at some point according to statista.com.