(Video) Female Judo Olympian teaches White Belt Male a lesson during fun sparring session

Norwegian judoka Madelene Rubinstein made history as the first ever Norwegian to compete in Judo at the Olympics. Despite her young age of 22 and her small stature of 161 cm and 114lbs, she proved to be a formidable opponent with an open mind, eager to take on any challenge.

Dojo storming, a popular trend in the world of martial arts, involves entering a rival school’s dojo to challenge its members to sparring. It takes a lot of courage to participate in such a challenge, especially if you are facing an opponent who outweighs and towers over you.

Madelene Rubinstein, however, was undeterred. She took on TV 2-reporter Mathias Skarpaas, who weighed in at 176lbs and over 187cm, without any hesitation. Despite the huge difference in size, Rubinstein’s skill and determination allowed her to emerge victorious.

According to his own account, Skarpaas had limited experience grappling and was by all accounts – a white belt.

Rubinstein’s victory was just one of her many achievements in the world of judo. She won the European Cup in Tampere in 2015, and also took home a silver medal at the European Cup in Sarajevo, as well as numerous other medals.

Rubinstein’s success serves as an inspiration to aspiring judokas all over the world. Her dedication, courage, and skill have allowed her to conquer challenges and achieve greatness in her sport.