(Video) Female cop forced to take action when mugger tries to rob her

Video from a chaotic incident reveals that an off-duty Chicago officer threatened to kill a potential robber. She then made good on her threat by shooting the victim three times.

On January 17, the police officer gave the warning after breaking up a dispute between four persons which also included the accused thief. According to officials, the thief seemed to go for her weapon.

According to the Chicago Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA), the two grappled and collapsed to the ground. As it went off, Leevon Smith was shot.

According to audio and footage of the event, Smith said “you got me, you got me” after the first two rounds were fired.

“I told your dumb— I’d kill you,” the off-duty police said as she fired the third and last shot.

Smith then said: “Damn baby, I’m sorry. I don’t want to die.”

The officer continued to reprimand Smith for trying to seize it while she called for someone to contact the police.

According to CBS Chicago, Smith was rushed to the hospital where he passed just two days later. According to the police, the officer was put on 30-day administrative duty.

The tactical report said that Chicago police said the suspect attempted to take the off-duty officer’s firearm. He posed a serious danger to her. The police arrest record also states that the officer sustained a cut above her right eye.

The frightened cop said on call, “Oh my god, he just tried to rob me.”

She said that despite her attempts to reach her bosses, no one picked up the phone.

She informed the first responders on the scene that “He just tried to steal my off-duty gun.”

According to the arrest record before his death, Smith was accused of attempted robbery and aggravated battery.