(Video) Female boxer KO’s a guy in a bare knuckle fight

Mixed martial arts came to exist as a way to see how different martial arts match up against each other and overtime evolved. Evolved into an actual ruleset, into many weight classes and into combining different martial arts.

Still, it’s always interesting to see the David vs Goliath story, which is why we’re bringing you this next clip. Recently a Female boxer was matched with a man in a bare knuckle boxing match.

 During MONGKOL FIGHT NIGHT 1, Po Denman (The female in the video) had her original opponent pull out an hour before the event, instead of going home. Her coach and manager were able to find 1 person that was willing to duke it out with Po at the very last minute, but it was a male in the same weight division. Po accepted the challenge after the promotion decided to give it a green light.

Both parties agreed to a bare knuckle boxing rule set of the match.