(Video) Female boxer annihilates gong fu practitioner forcing him to seek a new master

Zhang Meili, a remarkable young woman hailing from Zigong City in China’s Sichuan Province, has recently captivated the online world, gaining celebrity status through viral videos. Meili often handles male challengers in martial arts and works as a bodyguard.

In the midst of the ever-escalating series of entertaining challenge matches, one particularly amusing encounter unfolds as a self-proclaimed master of the Iron Palm technique dares to challenge Zhang Meili, a skilled boxing prodigy, to a kickboxing match adhering to sanda rules.

Witnessing Zhang Meili expertly employ her head movement, angles, and punches derived from boxing to outmatch the Kung Fu master is a treat for all. Following the match, Meili’s coach imparts valuable insights to our Kung Fu master, illuminating the disparity in their abilities.

Right from the onset, it becomes apparent that the Kung Fu practitioner disregards the significance of a traditional boxing stance, deeming it suitable only for the feeble-minded. Within this domain, Kung Fu reigns supreme, transcending the realm of mundane strikes and punches.

As the clash commences, a haphazard clinch ensues, accompanied by erratic movements from the Kung Fu practitioner. Unfortunately, only a handful of his attempts manage to find their mark. Conversely, the female boxer, Zhang Meili, exhibits extraordinary precision and skill, relentlessly pummeling her adversary with well-executed body kicks and punches.

Regrettably, the Kung Fu practitioner’s responses prove lackluster, ultimately leading to his defeat. However, it is commendable that he harbors no resentment towards being triumphed over by a woman. Acknowledging the prowess of one’s opponent, regardless of gender, is a testament to humility and respect. After all, Zhang Meili is no ordinary stack of shattered bricks from earlier demonstrations.

Meanwhile, Zhang’s popularity soars as she conducts live-streaming sessions, imparting self-defense techniques on popular Chinese short video platforms like Kuaishou. Netizens enthusiastically laud her as “the most stylish female bodyguard in China.”

Inspired by the iconic Chinese martial arts film “Shaolin Temple,” Zhang developed a profound interest in learning Chinese Kung Fu at the tender age of 12. Following her graduation from university in 2020, Zhang embarked on an arduous training program at the Tianjiao International Security Academy, a prestigious Beijing-based training camp for aspiring bodyguards.

During the training regimen, Zhang dedicated herself to various fitness programs, rising at 5 o’clock every morning. She also delved into courses encompassing American FBI mind-reading skills, anti-terrorism training, and even business etiquette and communication techniques, referring to it as “devil training.”

Recalling this period, Zhang emphasizes the importance of mental resilience in managing stress. She believes that emotional control and the ability to withstand pressure are the essential qualities of a proficient bodyguard.

Addressing misconceptions about the role, Zhang asserts that the profession requires more than kickboxing skills. It places paramount importance on the ability to detect potential risks, such as assessing the authenticity of firearms and evaluating levels of threat.

When undertaking assignments, bodyguards primarily equip themselves with communication devices and various testing equipment. Surprisingly, their self-defense arsenal often consists of nothing more than a pen, as Zhang explains.

“A professional bodyguard should possess knowledge and wisdom to preempt all potential dangers,” declares Zhang, highlighting the multifaceted nature of the role. She adds that bodyguards sometimes even assume the role of personal assistants to their clients.

Zhang stresses that female bodyguards can be just as formidable as their male counterparts, as both genders undergo identical training. Moreover, their inconspicuous presence can be advantageous, particularly as the number of female celebrities and affluent women continues to rise.