(Video) Fedor disapproves of younger brother’s MMA debut plus comments on embarrassing Alex Emelianenko performance

Fedor Emelianenko is widely regarded as one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time.

He has opened up about the controversy surrounding his brother’s recent bout against a popular vlogger. In an interview with Russian YouTube channel Ushatayka, Fedor acknowledged the skepticism surrounding the bout, but expressed his limited ability to intervene in his brother’s decisions.

“Alexander made his choice. Until he realizes it and does not turn away from this choice, I do not see the point in saying anything. I try to live by conscience. I try to correct my actions. I try to see how God sees what I do. I take advice from spiritual people.”

Alexander Emelianenko, Fedor’s brother, faced off against Russian vlogger Evgeny Ershov at the Ren TV Series. Throughout the bout, Ershov appeared to dominate, ultimately cornering Emelianenko towards the end of the first round.

“I have been watching my brothers for many years. I have a very bad feeling. I understand that I can’t help them. I pray that someone else will help them. Maybe one day I will realize my feelings. I hope that Ivan will leave his past life and start a new one. I offered to help and support the blogger. I offered to help and support him when he was 15-16 years old. If he is 35 years old, then let it be so. The main thing is that he gives up the way of life that he had before. I will ask.”

Referee stopped action, but Ershov insisted on continuing the bout. This unexpected turn of events provided Emelianenko with a chance to recover. Subsequently, Ershov executed a takedown on Emelianenko, only to seemingly offer him an uncontested opportunity to apply a kimura submission. Ershov ultimately submitted to Emelianenko’s hold, leaving fans perplexed and questioning the event’s legitimacy.

Fedor Emelianenko expressed his frustration at his brother’s involvement in such suspicious circumstances. He revealed his belief that Alexander was influenced by individuals who may have led him astray.

Despite his own efforts to adhere to his principles, Fedor lamented his inability to ensure the same for his brother.

In his prime, Alexander Emelianenko was a formidable heavyweight, earning acclaim during his tenure with PRIDE and M1 Global. However, his career took a significant hit after he was convicted in 2015, resulting in a hiatus from the MMA scene.

Following his release on parole in 2017, Alexander transitioned to boxing and specialized rule events, distancing himself from traditional MMA competition.

On a more positive note, another Emelianenko sibling, Ivan Emelianenko, recently garnered attention for his successful debut against Alexei Ledenev. Ivan secured victory through a unanimous decision, earning accolades for his performance inside the ring.

Yet Fedor doesn’t approve:

“This decision was made without me. I was sent a link to the fights of Ivan and Alexander. I watched the video.”