(Video) Fan tries to attack UFC Welterweight Ian Garry in parking lot after UFC 285

Ian Garry had a close call with a fan in the parking lot of the UFC 285 venue. This was after his outing against Kenan Song.

In the last few minutes, Garry put the pedal to the metal and finished Song with a powerful flurry. After getting ready for hit press conference appearance, Garry and his entourage attempted to leave when things got hairy with a crazed fan.

The fan appeared to be either delusional or out of it, as he issued a direct challenge to the trained mixed martial artist Ian Garry.

Garry kept his cool and tried to calm the fan down, saying, “Relax, relax!” The two were separated by a small crowd of people, but if either suddenly blitzed, a few strikes could undoubtedly land.

The lunatic screamed while mildly attempting to march forward.

The most comical part of the video is the fact that one of the people holding the crazy fan back is an old lady. The lady never backed down and demonstrated that bravery transcends age and physicality.

It’s important to note that the fan should count himself lucky that he got spared by Ian Garry that night. Getting knocked out by a UFC athlete must be high on his bucket list, but if he actually competed against the likes of Garry on that concrete they both stood on, the fan could have easily suffered fatal consequences.