(Video) Fan claims McGregor would beat Mike Tyson in fight – gets confronted by Mike Tyson

During his visit to Jimmy Kimmel, boxing icon Mike Tyson took part in a funny skit. Tyson was to come up behind various fans who were asked to comment on his skills.

One in particular said that Conor McGregor would defeat Tyson in a boxing match. And got confronted by Tyson.

Since meeting Roy Jones Jr in a tremendously successful exhibition battle in 2020, Mike Tyson has not participated in any bouts. He has, however, been in conversation with YouTube sensation Jake Paul about returning to the ring.

Tyson was seen in a clip walking up behind fans who were being asked questions about the renowned heavyweight. In the video, they were asked questions on a variety of topics, including, “Who would win in a fight – Conor McGregor or Mike Tyson?”

An Irish fan responded: “That’s a difficult question. I don’t know they both have the aggression. I am going to have to go with Conor because he is Irish though.”

While listening to the evaluation, Tyson hilariously moves up behind her. The fan turns to her right to find the famed heavyweight standing menacingly. She takes a step back in surprise before laughing with Tyson, who is humorously offended by the assertion.


Several other fans were asked questions throughout the program, including boxing star Butterbean. He was asked whether he would fight Tyson in his prime. While he starts to answer, Tyson moves up behind the celebrity, and the duo playfully starts throwing punches.

On the other hand, McGregor is widely regarded as the UFC’s most popular fighter. However, he has yet to return to the octagon since fracturing his leg last year. McGregor has returned to training and has expressed renewed optimism that he will be able to return this year after practicing kicks on the heavy bag.

McGregor has just one victory in his past four fights, which came against Donald Cerrone two years ago. He is contemplating returning to 170 pounds after two battles at 155 pounds. McGregor feels he can beat division champion Kamaru Usman, who hasn’t lost since winning the championship in 2019.

Boxing icon Mike Tyson, on the other hand, has recommended the McGregor to engage in a warm-up bout before attempting to win the championship.

“Even if he wins, he’s gonna get hurt in the next fight and he can’t fight the next fight [after that],” Tyson claimed on The Fight Card podcast.

“You get your experience down, three more fights, you feel good. The last two guys are really qualified opponents, now you go back out there. I’m a strong believer that after a defeat you should do a couple of fights to get your feet wet. Conor, I think you should build your confidence up and go do what you do, win excitingly.”