(Video) End of round misunderstanding leads to bad sportsmanship

An incident in the world of mixed martial arts has sparked a heated debate among fans and athletes regarding the appropriate etiquette inside the cage.

In a surprising turn of events, an African mixed martial artist strategically exploited a moment of sportsmanship to gain an advantage over his opponent.

This incident has reignited the discussion surrounding the exchange of pleasantries in combat sports and the need for constant vigilance

The practice of exchanging fist bumps or high fives has long been regarded as a symbol of sportsmanship within the arena. Supporters of this tradition argue that these gestures foster camaraderie and mutual respect between athletes. Such displays of goodwill before or after a match are seen as an integral part of building a positive sporting environment.

Contrarily, an opposing school of thought emphasizes the paramount importance of self-protection within combat sports. Advocates of this viewpoint assert that athletes must remain vigilant at all times and prioritize their safety above all else. They argue that shaking hands or bumping fists can be reserved for occasions outside the arena or prior to the commencement of the match.

In a match between Diatta Gasmir, an African mixed martial artist, and Josias Musasa at the renowned AKO 1 event organized by the African Knockout Championship, an unexpected turn of events occurred. The two engaged in a fierce battle throughout the first round, trading blows with unwavering determination.

However, with just 10 seconds remaining on the clock, a momentary lapse of judgment threatened to derail Gasmir’s chances of victory.

Believing the round had ended, Gasmir and Musasa approached each other and shook hands, momentarily lowering their guard. Their assumption proved premature, as they soon realized the referee had not signaled the end of the round. This brief exchange of pleasantries left Gasmir vulnerable and exposed.


Musasa swiftly recognized the advantage presented to him and seized the moment. Without hesitation, he launched a rapid combination of elbow strikes and punches towards Gasmir. Fortunately for Gasmir, his quick reflexes enabled him to evade the incoming assault, narrowly avoiding potential disaster.


While both committed a lapse in judgment, many spectators found Musasa’s immediate attack after the handshake to be questionable. Fans voiced their discontent with Musasa’s actions, deeming them unsportsmanlike and reflecting a lack of integrity within the sport.

The incident raised important questions about the boundaries of respect and the expectations placed on athletes during competition.

Despite the controversial turn of events, Gasmir and Musasa proceeded to engage in a thrilling second round, captivating the audience with their skills and determination. Musasa ultimately emerged victorious, securing a second-round technical knockout.