(Video) Elle Brooke tries to KISS opponent at weigh-in

ELLE BROOKE, a rising star in the boxing world, made headlines recently when she tried to kiss her opponent Ola Danielka during the weigh-in ahead of their highly-anticipated boxing bout.

The incident took place before the “High Stakes” show at the OVO Arena Wembley, which was put on by promoters Kingpyn.

Brooke, who has already won two boxing matches against AJ Bunker and Faith Ordway, will be hoping to continue her winning streak against the inexperienced Ola. However, the Polish star has a significant height advantage over Brooke, which could prove to be a challenge for the OnlyFans star-turned-boxer.

During the weigh-in, Brooke stripped down to a bikini after teasingly dancing with her robe, revealing her weight of 135.2Ibs. Her opponent, Ola, weighed in at 133.6Ibs. The tension between the two was palpable as they exchanged words before the bout.

As the two faced off during the weigh-in, Ola poked fun at the height difference between them, causing Brooke to try to steal a kiss from her opponent. The move was met with surprise and rejection from Ola, who was clearly not amused by Brooke’s antics.

The build-up has been intense, with the two facing off on multiple occasions. In one instance, Brooke even threw a glass of water in Ola’s face, further escalating the tension between them.

Despite her relative lack of experience, Ola has not shied away from trash-talking Brooke in the lead-up to the card. When asked for her last message to Brooke, Ola simply replied, “See you tomorrow, b****.”

In addition to Brooke and Ola, several other are set to take part in the “High Stakes” show. These include 6ar6ie6, Daniella Hemsley, Amber O’Donnell, Whitney Johns, Jully Poca, and Elle’s sister Emily.

The men’s side of the eight-strong groups is headlined by AnEsonGib.

There were concerns that the “High Stakes” show would be cancelled after the PBA revoked Kingpyn’s license. However, the promoters were able to secure a new license in time for the event to proceed as planned.