(Video) Elle Brooke throws water at rival, sparks chaotic scrap during face-off

Elle Brooke is a  popular OnlyFans model. She is set to compete in the inaugural Kingpyn Boxing tournament next weekend.

Brooke will take on new rival Ms Danielka in the quarter-final phase of the competition, which is scheduled to take place at the OVO Wembley Arena.

Brooke’s boxing career has been on the rise, having won bouts against Faith Ordway and AJ Bunker in the past.

Despite her success, she has had a few tense moments during her face-offs. Her most recent face-off with Ms Danielka got heated quickly, resulting in a scrap after Brooke threw a bottle of water at her rival.

In addition to her boxing career, Elle Brooke has also spoken out about body confidence. As a model on OnlyFans, she has had to deal with public scrutiny and body-shaming. However, Brooke has been a vocal advocate for body positivity and self-love, encouraging others to embrace their bodies, regardless of shape or size.

Elle Brooke’s success in the ring can be attributed, in part, to her mentorship from professional coach Mark Tibbs and world champion Ebanie Bridges.

She credits Bridges with playing a significant role in her progress as a boxer, stating that she has learned a lot from her in terms of mentality and what it takes to be a successful boxer.

Brooke has big dreams for her future in the sport. She hopes to continue improving her skills and eventually challenge for titles. She is open to the idea of going for a belt in the future, stating that she always wants to push herself and change her goals accordingly.