(Video) Elderly Wing Chun Master Teaches Street perp A Hard Lesson

There is no age limit in martial arts! Anyone can benefit from training – however depending on your age you might opt to practice something that’s a little less volatile than mixed martial arts. . Tao Chan Wing Chun is a good choice for seniors because it concentrates on movement and which enables strength development even without live clashes and helps seniors stay active.  Surprisingly, the seniors can also have the self-defense benefit.

In a video below a man who is reportedly 72 years old showed his wing chun skill against a young man. It looks like a group of young people were having a problem and making a mess in the neighborhood. The old man decided to arbitrate the situation, but one of the young people in the group wouldn’t go for it.

When the video started, the old man can be seen dominating the fight with a combination of punches. He managed to throw the young punk to the ground and pinned him down. However, the punk got up and the two had a talk for a moment. The punk confronted the old man again and the fight was unavoidable – the second round began.

The old man’s punching speed is faster than before and he is obviously dominating the fight. He then grabbed the punk’s arm in a throw attempt that turned into an arm lock. He kicked the punk that was grounded a few times. The people surrounding them, who were just watching the whole time, finally decided to stop the fight.

The old wing chun practitioner showed a fantastic control of force, leaving the young punk incapacitated but not injured.