(Video) Eight women scrap in broad daylight on Mother’s day

A video of a group of women scrapping on the streets of Liverpool on Mothers Day has gone viral, leaving social media users confused and fascinated. The video shows a group of around 10 women shouting and screaming at each other outside Camp and Furnace establishment on Sunday.

The video, which has been shared thousands of times on social media, shows the women arguing before one of them stumbles and falls to the ground. The group then moves towards the woman in the pink shirt as another woman in an orange blouse begins to swat at her. As the scrap continues, other women are heard screaming and shouting in an attempt to break up the conflict.

The man recording the incident can be heard laughing and sarcastically saying “Happy Mother’s Day” to a young boy who was standing next to him.

The irony of the incident happening on Mothers Day was not lost on social media users, who were quick to point out the insensitivity of the situation.

The incident, which happened in the Baltic Triangle on Jamaica Street, has raised concerns about the safety of the area and the behavior of those involved. The video has been condemned by many as an example of anti-social behavior and a lack of respect for others.

It is not clear what caused the incident or if anyone was injured during the incident. However, the video has sparked a debate about the need for more security measures in public spaces to prevent incidents like this from happening in the future.

The Mothers Day incident in Liverpool has caused an upheaval on social media across the world. The video serves as a reminder of the need for greater respect for others and the importance of maintaining public safety in all areas.

Let us hope that incidents like this are not repeated in the future, and that those involved in theĀ  will be held accountable for their actions.