(Video) Eddie Hall floors YouTube star Nile Wilson after he volunteers to take punch

“Anything for the views” is probably what this YouTube star was thinking to accomplish with this video.

Nile Wilson is a former British gymnast and a YouTube star with more than 1.5 million subscribers. To entertain his subscribers, Wilson did a collaboration video with the former world’s strongest man, Eddie Hall.

Hall was in training camp preparing for his boxing debut against rival Thor Bjornsson, which he subsequently lost.

In one of the videos that Wilson made with Hall, the 5’6 126 lbs Wilson tried to take soma e shot from the 6’4 350 lbs giant. Besides the visible physical differences, there is also a huge power difference between the two.

Wilson then attempted a punch on Hall, but that apparently has no effect on ‘The Beast’.

“The thing is, mate, I train – with my training, I’ll hang on a bar and my training partner will smash me in the gut,” Hall said.

“Obviously, as you can see, I’ve also got a massive wall of thick muscle there.”

Before giving the real punch, Hall gave Wilson a taste of his power with a short left jab to the chest of the former Olympian. Even though Wilson is wearing a body protector, he still dropped hard.

Hall then proceeds to the main course, a big and fully-charged right hook that sends the YouTuber flying like in a cartoon.

After getting hit by the devastating punch, Wilson can only say “My brain hit the back of my head.”

In response, Hall then joked: “I think I might have actually knocked him out…”

Hall eventually took his boxing abilities to the ring against Thor Bjornsson earlier this year. However, despite months of preparation, the more-experienced Bjornsson successfully outclassed Hall.

Bjornsson even managed to dropped his British rival two times to win a unanimous decision victory.