(Video) Eddie Alvarez once helped one of his fighters with a panic attack

Former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez was doing a good deed by helping a fellow athlete who has a panic attack. Alvarez comforted the female fighter by using his title fight with McGregor to mentor her.

Eddie Alvarez competed in the UFC from 2014 to 2018. The 38-year-old won the lightweight championship against Rafael dos Anjos in 2016. However, only a few months later he lost the belt to UFC star Conor McGregor. Alvarez lost balance when receiving a combination of punches from McGregor in the middle of the second round. McGregor won via technical knockout and became the new lightweight champion.

A while back, Eddie Alvarez helped one of his teammates Ariel Beck who suffered from a panic attack. Beck will feature at the 26th season of The Ultimate Fighter to become the inaugural champion in the female 125 pounds division.

Eddie Alvarez, who played the role of her coach, approached her while she was constantly crying. ‘The Underground King’ reflected on the time when he got knocked out by Conor McGregor in front of thousands of people and lost his belt.

“I had my worst nightmare come true. I got knocked out in front of millions of people and a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden. Knocked out! I thought about this moment: this was a nightmare you think about for your whole career. Then it happened to me, and guess what happened afterwards, the next day? Nothing. Everybody was still there. My family was there, my kids were there, everybody was still there.” Alvarez said.

Alvarez continued to convince her that even if the worst result comes, she won’t lose everything she has in her life.

“I’ve been through that. I’ve won world championships and I’ve lost them. I’ve dealt with crazy glory and crazy disappointment. But our only other option is to feel nothing at all. And I’ll be damned if that’s going to be the way I exist.” Alvarez added.

In 2018 Alvarez signed with ONE Championship and has competed 4 times. His last bout was in April 2021 but he is ready to return to the cage soon. He has honed both his striking and grappling skills with grappling phenom Ricardo Almeida.