(Video) Eccentric event pits 5’4, 130lb man against Heavyweight opponent (6’6, 265lb)

UFC didn’t have any weight classes when it started. This meant that competitors of all sizes and weights could face each other, and there were no restrictions on weight or size. The very first UFC match had 410-pounder Teila Tui take on 216-pounder Gerard Gourdeau.

However, just four years later, the UFC introduced weight classes to ensure a more level playing field and to promote safety. As a result, athletes began to compete against opponents of similar size and weight. More weight classes were added later on.

Still, there have been many bouts that have taken place at openweight. Raymison Formiga’s outing with Roger Dalet is one that’s making the rounds. It was a true David vs Goliath matchup as Formiga is 5’4 and weighs around 130 pounds. Meanwhile, Dalet is a 6’6 heavyweight.

This mismatched exhibition didn’t stop Formiga who was able to take down Dalet, grapple with him, and put him in an armbar. He was able to submit the giant in the very first round. To be fair, Dalet didn’t do much in terms of offense and he doesn’t have any pro outings on his record.

In the past few years, weight classes in MMA (especially the UFC) have become more controversial. This is because many have found it difficult to cut down to their weight class’s requirements.

UFC light-heavyweight Anthony Smith recently invited UFC to get rid of the 265-pound limit in the heavyweight division. He feels that the UFC is missing out on some great athletes as they have more restrictions on their divisions.

Many UFC heavyweights cut to get to 265lbs, including the stripped champion Francis Ngannou. To put things into perspective, here’s Ngannou next to Shaquile O’Neal.

Open weight might be deemed to dangerous but there’s certainly room for another division if the promotion decides that’s the way. This is unlikely for now due to the typically lower skill level in heavyweight.