(Video) Dustin Poirier opened up about altercation after a man inappropriately touched his wife

Dustin Poirier is known for his outstanding skills in the octagon. However, he is not just a mixed martial artist but also a loving father and husband who is fiercely protective of his family.

Dustin Poirier was just videoed in a viral incident with a fan.

After Poiriers bout with Conor McGregor was cut short by a terrible leg injury, McGregor taunted Poirier by yelling at him  “Your wife is in me DMs” while nursing his broken leg. This instantly became a popular internet meme.

Poirier was attending the Youngsville Mardi Gras parade with his wife and child last weekend. There a fan decided to confront him while holding a sign that was saying “Your wife is in my DMs” which clearly annoyed him.

Poirier proceeded to usher the fan closer before meeting him with a stiff slap. The video went viral.

But this wasn’t the first time Poirier got physical at Mardi Gras.

Recently, Poirier recounted an incident that occurred during Mardi Gras where his protective nature was on full display during an appearance on Theo Von’s show.

Poirier and his friend intervened when a man inappropriately touched his wife, Jolie, while she was leaning over a fence to talk to someone. Poirier and his friend took matters into their own hands and beat up the group of people who had disrespected his wife.

“The last (altercation) that I can think of that I’ve been in was one Mardi Gras. I was at my brother’s house, and it was like a street party…” Poirier opened his story.

He continued,

“My wife was leaning over a fence talking to somebody and then guys from next door came over and bent over her back while she was bending over and put his hand on her stomach and started talking in her ear.”

“Bro, I ripped him off, ” – Poirier explained and he wasn’t alone there either. He was with a friend who quickly joined in on the action.

“He started dropping this other guy’s people left and right. A hundred percent, every shot that landed, everybody fell.”