(Video) Drake showcases boxing training, hitting the pads

Drake’s infamous ‘curse’ and his betting obsession on boxing and UFC bouts are well-known. The Canadian artist uploaded a recent video showcasing his pad-hitting abilities. This has left fans with mixed opinions.

In the video, the 36-year-old assumes an orthodox stance and demonstrates his handiwork on the pads. He executes precise combinations with his trainer in the video. He even emulates Floyd Mayweather’s renowned padwork routine, capturing the attention of social media and boxing enthusiasts.

Opinions on Drake’s pad-hitting skills are varied among fans. Some Twitter users applaud his efforts, acknowledging the progress he has made. However, others express skepticism.

A fan on Twitter wrote: “He keeps leaving that left hand down – so better question is. Does he have chin?”

A second user tweeted: “Not bad, keep working!”

Another wrote: “Anyone can look good on the mits and punching bag but I wanna see him spar.”

A fourth fan observed: “His chin so high in the air.”

Another Twitter user commented: “His pad work’s not bad.”

The extent of Drake’s boxing prowess we get to see will probably be limited to him hitting the pads.

In recent times, exhibition bouts featuring celebrities have gained immense popularity. Considering Drake’s fame and the current fascination with celebrity boxing, it is not inconceivable that he may participate in a lucrative showdown with another well-known figure.

Recently, Drake also commented on the confrontation between Nate Diaz and a Jake Paul-employed reporter during the Paul vs. Diaz news conference. Drake criticized the reporter for his conduct on Instagram.

Uploading a footage from the press conference, Drake wrote: “Man, why would you play with a real G. This is a weak generation.”