(Video) DQ worthy? Tyson Fury elbows Ngannou to the head

In a thrilling ten-round professional boxing match between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou, one unexpected incident stole the spotlight and ignited a firestorm of controversy. The fight, held at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, showcased Ngannou’s exceptional performance against the WBC heavyweight champion, despite his relative inexperience in boxing. However, it was an accidental elbow from Tyson Fury that set the internet ablaze with outrage.

During a heated exchange between the two, Tyson Fury inadvertently struck Francis Ngannou with an elbow. The impact of the blow was visible, and it left fans angered.

While unintentional illegal strikes are not uncommon in combat sports, this particular incident seemed to cross the line for many fight fans.

This incident prompted fans to express their strong disapproval in the comments section, with many calling for Tyson Fury’s disqualification.

Despite the controversy, Tyson Fury managed to secure a razor-thin split decision victory after a grueling ten-round battle. His undefeated record remained intact, but the fight’s outcome was met with mixed reactions. Francis Ngannou’s remarkable performance, including knocking down the lineal heavyweight champion in the third round, earned him millions of new fans within the boxing community.

The judges’ scorecards reflected the closely contested nature of the fight, with scores of 96-94, 95-94, and 94-95 in favor of Tyson Fury.

As the boxing world processes the fallout from this controversial moment, it serves as a reminder that unexpected incidents can occur in the heat of competition, often sparking heated debates among fans and experts alike.

 Ngannou accepted the defeat with class and declared his desire for a rematch. He said: “I’m not giving any excuse, I work hard, I give my best,” Ngannou said. “I know I can work harder. I know myself, I know my dedication. … I’m getting ready to come here and take over.”

Ngannou later candidly shared his thoughts on the judges’ decision. He stated, “If he’s being honest, he would say that I won that fight, I won that fight, there’s not a question about it, but even before getting here, I knew that if the fact would get to a decision, I’m not winning, not because I didn’t do good, but because I’m the new guy in the house.”