(Video) Dojo storm goes wrong when enthusiast learns he doesn’t have the MMA skills he thinks he has

Dojo storms are an evergreen genre of martial arts videos in which various deluded layman seek to prove that their opinions are more valid than those of people who have been in martial arts for years.

A lot of the dojo storm culture is based around traditional martial arts which have lost their relevance in an MMA setting a long long time ago.

A new video in this genre surfaced recently showcasing one such case. In the very opening seconds of the video it’s apparent who the layman is from the lack of being in shape to the overreaching moves.


A true MMA trainee always tries to size up their competition and realizes that there are real stakes in any such scenario.

This is why he’s quick with a takedown as opposed to prolonged striking exchanges. He shoots for a double leg and lands an attractive looking takedown on his novice opponent.

The students of the man filming approach and we can observe the actual martial arts expert in sidecontrol, carefully handling his challenger.

The knees are spread as to better control the hips of the guy on the bottom.

Instructor has one of the challengers arm’s isolated beneath himself and is actively trying to control the other.

He’s not a stranger to landing some ground and pound from here but is clearly aware of the lack of gloves so he’s choosing to land with an elbow to the side of the challenger’s face.

He could have much better luck if he were to isolate the arm of his opponent – something he appears to know.

The main issue with this strategy is that someone unfamiliar with a kimura/americana type lock might be reluctant to tap and at that point there’s nothing left but to tear their shoulder apart. Which could be legally problematic not to mention pretty drastic compared to say choking someone out.

The instructor here goes a bit overboard with ground and pound. This type of a situation somewhat resembles one sided pwning Molly McCann had to suffer through on her latest outing against BJJ ace Erin Blanchefield.