(Video) Dillon Danis smashes reporters phone, allegedly assaults him

BJJ ace Dillon Danis made another scene at Misfits Boxing 3. After scuffling with KSI’s friend, Danis attacked a reporter who tried to record him backstage.

Dillon Danis is most known as Conor McGregor’s teammate and sparring partner. He made headlines mostly during the build up for Khabib Nurmagomedov bout at UFC 229 back in 2018.

He keeps having feuds with many popular figures in MMA such including MMA journalist Ariel Helwani and Khabib’s former manager Ali Abdelaziz.

Dillon Danis was also the one Khabib charged at after the McGregor victory.

Danis is 2-0 in professional MMA and hasn’t competed again since 2019. He suffered knee injuries and has undergone two knee replacements. He sometimes shows a training session on his social media but doesn’t show any sign of returning to the cage.

Previously, Danis made headlines when he attended the weigh in of KSI’s boxing promotion Misfits Boxing. The 29-year-old had an altercation with KSI where he struck and tossed a coffee at the YouTuber as they came face to face.

However, Danis’ hadn’t stopped making trouble. Reporter Fred Beck who is a host of Fred Talks Fighting recently uploaded a video in which Danis is seen waving a hand at him.

Danis was being escorted out and Fred tried to record him, but Danis reached for his camera and attacked him. He managed to grab Fred’s phone and slammed it to the ground before the security restrained him again.

“Dillon Danis attacks me and throws my phone away.” Fred Beck wrote in the caption.

Danis’ action even angered the security. Later in the video, the security can be heard shouting at Danis while dragging him out of the venue.

Right outside of the venue, Dillon Danis was attacked by KSI’s friend Anthony Taylor. The altercation quickly turned into a brawl with several people involved, with Danis receiving a good smack from Taylor.