(Video) Dillon Danis does jiu-jitsu and pro-wrestling at open workout for Logan Paul boxing match

All eyes will be on the clash between KSI and Tommy Fury on October 14th at AO Arena in Manchester, England. An interesting co-main event that night will also take place as Dillon Danis will be taking on Logan Paul.

The Misfits X DAZN: The Prime Card promises an evening of electrifying matchups. Recently, the competitors showcased their skills in an intense open workout session leading up to the event.

Ever since the match was announced, Danis and Paul have been embroiled in a heated off-ring dispute. Speculation was rife that Danis would bring something unconventional to the table, and he did not disappoint.

With the guidance of UFC middleweight Phil Hawes, Danis showcased his remarkable Brazilian jiu-jitsu expertise. He even took it a step further, executing a high-flying somersault from the top ropes. Danis then followed it up by a display of wrestling holds and grapples.

While KSI and Fury take centre stage in the six-round cruiserweight bout, the clash between Paul and Danis holds its own significance.

Danis directed his taunts towards Paul and his fiancée, subjecting them to online ridicule. This eventually led to a restraining order being filed against Danis.

In response, Paul vowed to pursue legal action to financially drain Danis for his harassment. But Danis remains unapologetic, and the MMA community is closely watching this showdown of words and fists.

The pro wrestling undertone in Danis’ performance was likely a calculated move to rattle Paul. Paul just joined the WWE and has participated in a number of their events.

Beyond the theatrics and mind games, Danis is resolute in his aim to secure a victory. This match marks his return to the ring since Bellator 222 in June 2019, where he secured a submission win against Max Humphrey.

On the other hand, Paul steps into the boxing arena for the first time since his exhibition match against Floyd Mayweather in June 2021.

During the session with Phil Hawes, Danis showcased anything but traditional boxing moves. Hawes found himself on the receiving end of multiple slams to the mat, courtesy of Danis’ adept jiu-jitsu demonstrations.

Danis used chokes, joint locks, and even an omoplata. In an apparent attempt to make fun of Paul’s previous wrestling exploits, he even leapt off the ropes.

The co-feature bout will span six rounds. MF & DAZN: X Series 10 promises an evening of pulsating action on Saturday, Oct. 14.

Ringside, Nina Agdal will be there to lend her support to her fiancé Logan Paul. The bout promises to be one of the biggest of the year.