(Video) Devin Haney fined $400,000 for infamous weigh in shove of Lomachenko

In a razor-thin and fiercely debated match, Vasiliy Lomachenko suffered a narrow defeat against Devin Haney via decision. Determined to rectify this outcome, Lomachenko and his team are taking assertive measures to secure an immediate rematch.

Lomachenko’s team has gone to great lengths to advocate for their cause, sending letters to the IBF, WBC, WBO, and WBA. According to the letter, Lomachenko is to be recognised as the top contender and mandatory challenger for all the major titles that the current undisputed champion possesses. Moreover, Lomachenko’s team has made these letters public.

Lomachenko’s manager Egis Klimas wrote: “This past Saturday in Las Vegas, Vasiliy Lomachenko challenged Undisputed Lightweight Champion Devin Haney in Las Vegas. The crowd at the MGM and the boxing world reacted to condemn what it believes to be an unfair and unjust decision that denied Loma his rightful victory and his lifetime goal of being undisputed champion of the world.”

“As Team Loma prepares an appeal of the decision, and in light of the highly controversial outcome of the bout, on behalf of Vasiliy Lomachenko, I ask that the IBF keep Loma as the #1 and recognize him as the mandatory contender for the title in the Lightweight Division. Loma was denied his victory in the ring on Saturday, and he deserves the opportunity to remain in place as #1 and to get another chance at realizing his goals as soon as possible.”

In response to Lomachenko’s pursuit of a rematch, Devin Haney criticised him and labelled Lomachenko a privileged “sore loser.” He vehemently expressed his sentiment and stated that instead of making excuses, he should accept his defeat. Additionally, Haney asked the commission to give him back the $400,000 that he had been fined.

Haney tweeted:

Haney’s comments not only conveyed his disdain but also shed light on the fact that he has been penalized with a substantial fine by the athletic commissions. The imposed fine amounts to $400,000, which appears to be exorbitant.

But for proper context if Eddie Hearn’s disclosed information is accurate, this sum might merely represent a 10% deduction from Haney’s earnings. Similar incidents in the past have demonstrated that Haney’s reckless actions could have led to far graver consequences for his career.