(Video) David Goggins goes viral for out of place advice he was giving Ferguson at UFC 296

David Goggins is a former NAVY Seal and renowned ultramarathon runner. He recently made headlines as he stepped into the corner of Tony Ferguson during the UFC 296 showdown against Paddy Pimblett.

The unexpected collaboration left fans surprised and curious about the advice Goggins would provide to Ferguson in a bid to turn around his career trajectory.

In a determined effort to break free from a six-bout losing streak, Ferguson sought the guidance of the 48-year-old Goggins. This decision was fueled by a hope to revitalize his career and claim victory in the UFC lightweight bout against Pimblett.

Despite the high expectations associated with Goggins’ presence in Ferguson’s corner, he failed to secure a win against Pimblett. The match turned out to be his seventh consecutive defeat on the judge’s scorecards as he lost every round.

During crucial intervals between rounds, Goggins attempted to raise Ferguson’s spirits with his words of encouragement. A circulated video captured Goggins instructing Ferguson with phrases such as “Stay up, Tony” and repeatedly saying “It’s time now!”

The strange partnership between Goggins and Ferguson drew varied reactions from UFC enthusiasts. While some questioned the effectiveness of Goggins’ advice, others found amusement in the unusual collaboration.

People expressed skepticism regarding Goggins’ influence in Ferguson’s corner. Some highlighted the lack of substantial guidance and its impact on Ferguson’s performance.

One user said: “Is this the silliest colab to ever happen? Only Tony would be up for this.”

Another wrote: “He was so loud that even Paddy listened to him.”

A third commented: “All David Goggins needed to scream was Head Movement and that would have been the icing on the cake.”

Another user commented: “I like Goggins but this is good enough proof that having an intense mindset and workout ethic isn’t enough.”

Since defeating Donald Cerrone in June 2019, Ferguson has not won in a UFC match.

Following his seventh consecutive loss, UFC President Dana White openly expressed his inclination for Ferguson to consider retirement. He said: “I would love to see Tony retire. When you talk about a skid, you look at the guys he fought, too. That plays a factor into it and how did he look right up until he lost? Tony tonight looked like he should retire.”