(Video) Dangerous boxing ref compromises the life of a former UFC champion in resurfaced clip

A video from a 2011 boxing match between Holly Holm and Anne Sophie Mathis has resurfaced, sparking outrage over the referee’s decision to allow the bout to continue despite Holm’s obvious distress.

Holly Holm had an illustrious career in both boxing and mixed martial arts. Her transition to MMA was marked by an undefeated streak before she became the first ever to defeat UFC legend Ronda Rousey, claiming the UFC bantamweight title.

Before fully embracing MMA, Holm was a skilled technical boxer, known for her speed and punch-and-move style. She successfully defended her titles 18 times across three different weight classes, defeating numerous formidable opponents and capturing multiple belts.

However, Holm’s boxing career was marred by a devastating and controversial loss during a match against French boxer Anne Sophie Mathis. The two clashed in 2011 for the vacant IBA female and WBAN welterweight titles, with the first five rounds being a back-and-forth battle as both boxers showcased their prowess, exchanging vicious blows without hesitation.

In the fifth round, Mathis began to dominate, landing more significant punches and overwhelming Holm. Although Holm managed to survive the round, her performance continued to deteriorate. Mathis knocked her down, but the referee inexplicably failed to issue a count, allowing Holm to absorb more punches to the face as the match continued.

The most baffling moment occurred in the seventh round. Holm’s performance had deteriorated even further, as she barely moved and merely held on in the ring, taking numerous punches to the face. At one point, Mathis launched a combination that sent Holm tangled in the ropes, her body hanging lifelessly, appearing unconscious.

Mathis continued to strike Holm before the referee intervened. Despite Holm’s obvious distress, the referee and her corner chose to allow the fight to continue. After checking on Holm, the referee made the questionable decision to let her continue without issuing a count.

Shortly after, Holm was finally knocked out, securing Mathis’ victory and the vacant IBA female welterweight title. The clip of the match has recently gone viral on social media, with many people condemning the referee’s dangerous and irresponsible decision to allow the fight to continue despite Holm’s apparent incapacitation.