(Video) Dana White reacts to UFC event advertising Jake Paul boxing bout

Dana White puts on a tough no nonsense front but is really rather irked whenever someone calls him on the discrepancies in his own behavior.

As the UFC President, White had quite a number of online feuds with Jake Paul over UFC’s compensation model.

While Paul is, at least in part, sinister, Dana White fell for his provocations and had a number of well publicized exchanges that only put more scrutiny on UFC’s dreadful compensation models.

So naturally most of UFC fandom was surprised to see Jake Paul and his boxing bout being promoted during a UFC event.

White was confronted with this fact, during a recent interview with Robbie Fox.

In the interview, White not only bashed Jake Paul but also took a jab at Stephen Espinoza, the Showtime Sports President, for not revealing accurate pay-per-view numbers of Paul’s boxing outings.

White had an issue with the inaccurate figures, considering the money invested in Paul.

“There is no f*cking way that guy would let him go if he was able to make money with him,” said White while talking about Espinoza’s relationship with Paul.

He further added that there was no chance Espinoza would let go of Paul if they weren’t having a good business partnership.

The UFC President was relentless in his criticism for the YouTuber-turned-Boxer and Espinoza. However, his analysis was shrewd, as he made his reasoning clear in the scenario.

Following a series of back-and-forth comments, the UFC President didn’t hold back in calling Jake Paul a “pay-per-view turd.” White made it clear that he was in a different business than Paul and wasn’t interested in promoting him despite being in business with Logan Paul.

“That’s not the business I’m in,” he concluded.

Jake Paul inked a lucrative deal to promote PFL and even test himself in MMA at some point. PFL exec outlined that that might be sometimes in 2024 most likely.

While Paul’s outing against Anderson Silva had a ‘disappointing’ number of PPV buys, he bragged earlier today he made $30 million on the boxing bout against Tommy Fury – that he lost.