(Video) Customer goes on wild Rampage over slow taco prep

In an eyebrow raising incident at a Chipotle restaurant in Washington, DC, a disgruntled customer’s impatience escalated into a rampage. Frustrated by the perceived delay in preparing his tacos, the customer resorted to destructive behavior, throwing ingredients, display items, and even registers at the employee responsible for his order.


According to the female worker at the Chipotle, the customer’s agitation arose when he allegedly attempted to snatch his tacos from behind the counter.

Unsuccessful in his theft, the man’s frustration grew, leading to an outburst of anger. Video footage obtained captures the moment when the customer leans over the counter glass, trying to grab his box of food.

Sensing his intentions, the employee swiftly discards the prepared meal in a nearby trash can.

Enraged by the employee’s action, the man in a white shirt and black beanie, carrying a green backpack, started hurling various objects at the worker.

Plastic containers, a napkin dispenser, the register display, and even the registers themselves were weaponized in his fit of rage. The brave employee shields her face with her arms before retreating through a nearby door to ensure her safety.


The Chipotle employee, speaking about the incident, asserted that the man’s outburst was triggered by his failed attempt to pilfer his tacos. She thwarted his theft by discarding the food, thereby escalating his anger.

The unruly customer’s actions left other customers and employees in shock, as such behavior was unprecedented in this particular establishment.


Upon the arrival of the DC Metropolitan Police at the scene, they were informed that the man had become “irate” due to perceived delays in the food preparation process.

The police report, obtained by Fox Business, details the account provided by the employee and witnesses. Authorities are currently searching for the individual who fled the scene on a rental scooter, offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to his indictment.

Laurie Schalow, the Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of Chipotle, expressed the company’s awareness of the regrettable incident that occurred at one of their Washington, DC, restaurants.

Schalow emphasized the company’s commitment to the health and safety of their employees, stating that they would cooperate fully with the authorities to ensure that justice is served for the individuals who mistreat their teams.