(Video) Customer goes at McDonald’s Manger and gets more than he bargained for

There could be several reasons why people may appear testy or irritable at fast food restaurants. One possible explanation is that fast food is often associated with convenience and speed, and customers may become frustrated if their expectations are not met. Long wait times, mistakes in orders, or poor customer service can all contribute to feelings of frustration and impatience.

Another factor that could contribute to testiness is the stress and pressure of everyday life. People may be in a hurry to get to work or attend to other responsibilities, and any delay or inconvenience could trigger negative emotions. In some cases, customers may also be dealing with personal issues or stressors, which can amplify any negative experiences they have at the restaurant.

This is probably why we see so many videos featuring fastfood workers and customers as of late. This latest example is just a tip of the iceberg.

A video that went viral features an angry customer who opened up with yelling at the manager and even hurling some fast food by the looks of it.

Manager was clearly aggravated with the projectile as he assertively headed toward the customer who was backing off at this point.

He pursued the customer and ended up tackling him. The two didn’t end up on the ground though,  instead the customer was in a type of a head lock. The manager was bulky and had quite a few pounds on the customer.

Customer yelled: “Stop!”, but too little too late. The manager wasn’t having any of it.

Even apologizing didn’t de-escalate the situation with the manager clearly fed up. Other customers quickly cleared the area so that the two could have a conflict unperturbed.

Manager hoisted the customer upon one of the tables and asserted his dominance. The customer was ready to eat his words. He proceeded to repeatedly apologize and even hide his head under the table. The entire incident was more than a minute long.

It’s unclear what transpired after and if there were any criminal charges.