(Video) Cris Cyborg dominates opponent in decision win

Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino, a pioneer in women’s MMA, made history when she faced Simone Silva in her first boxing match.

In addition to being the current Bellator featherweight champion and a former UFC, Invicta, and Strikeforce champion, Cyborg has a rich history before making her boxing debut. However, she made the decision to compete against Simone Silva for the FMS Super Welterweight professional boxing title in order to try out a new sport.

Cris Cyborg was ultimately successful. She won by unanimous decision following an eight-round contest. Cyborg continued to create history in the MMA world by becoming the first female mixed martial artist to hold belts in both boxing and MMA at the same time.

Overall, the boxing bout was very one-sided from beginning to end. Cris used strong range and head movement to mess with Silva for 24 minutes. It is interesting to note that up until the last round, the bottom portion of the screen displayed “10 rounds,” before being altered to “8 rounds.” In the end, the last round, provided the most of the action.

Cris Cyborg vs. Simone Silva would ultimately be a part of a really peculiar event. The event itself was surrounded by a lot of strangeness. There was ambiguity about if the bout would be considered professional or amateur due to her opponents inability to make weight.

Additionally, there was the peculiar detail outlining 10 rounds on the chyron until that was changed to an 8-round contest up until the last round. It wasn’t until well before the competition’s final round that anything changed.

Despite all the craziness, it was still a generally enjoyable event. Cris Cyborg deserves accolades for winning her boxing debut. It is obvious that, at 37 years old, she is still a formidable opponent in any kind of combat sport.