(Video) Criminal prankster: tiktoker storms family home, steals dog as a ‘prank’

The Metropolitan Police (Met) is facing criticism today for its perceived failure to apprehend a notorious TikTok user known as ‘Mizzy,’ who has gained notoriety for a series of unsettling ‘pranks.’ These acts include stealing a woman’s dog, tearing up library books, and trespassing into strangers’ homes.

Bacari Ogarro, an 18-year-old from Hackney, north London, who goes by the moniker ‘Mizzy,’ sparked outrage last week after barging into a random family’s residence alongside a group of fellow young men.

In now-deleted footage, the group nonchalantly entered the property through a black gate, ignoring a woman in the front garden. Ogarro proceeded to walk into the hallway, while young children can be heard shouting ‘daddy.’

This TikTok personality has a history of engaging in similar stunts. In one video, he approaches an elderly woman in a park, snatches her dog, and runs away before returning it to her, leaving her visibly distressed.

Other videos showcase him harassing women on a train and in a park, vandalizing library books, and causing disruption by riding an e-bike through a Sainsbury’s supermarket while security guards attempt to intervene.

Another clip captures him getting into the back of a man’s car, claiming it to be his Uber, and becoming aggressive when asked to leave. In a separate incident, he pretends to be someone’s son in a shop, only to be confronted by a brave stranger demanding that he departs.

Former policeman Mark Williams-Thomas has questioned the lack of prosecution against Ogarro, stating, “There’s enough evidence now for the Met Police to arrest the vile and idiotic TikTok/YouTuber ‘Mizzy’ (Bacari Ogarro) for at least criminal damage and assault. He has documented all his crimes as well, which will assist with a prosecution.”

Although Ogarro’s TikTok account has been taken down, his YouTube channel, boasting nearly 39,000 subscribers, was still active this morning. However, it has since been deactivated due to a violation of the platform’s terms of service.

In his most recent video posted yesterday, Ogarro boasted about his videos gaining more attention following the public outrage surrounding his “home invasion” stunt. He arrogantly claimed that criticism of his shocking antics only served to boost his popularity by generating increased views and engagement.

Ogarro’s past includes confronting orthodox Jews in London, with one video showing him approaching a man at a bus stop, placing his hands on the victim’s shoulders, and attempting a leapfrog maneuver. Another video depicted him cycling while wearing a traditional hat, uttering offensive remarks.

Calls for the Met to take immediate action against Ogarro have intensified, with Members of Parliament joining the chorus. Labour MP Alex Davies-Jones emphasized the need for the Online Safety Bill to hold social media platforms accountable, expressing concern over YouTube and TikTok allowing such irresponsible content to proliferate on their platforms.