(Video) Crac*head gets matched with his dealer in unique stunt MMA match

In a unique and entertaining twist, a Russian mixed martial arts promotion, Epic Fighting, recently showcased a humorous match that pitted a ‘crac*-head’ against his supposed ‘dealer.’

This unconventional bout added a comedic element to the event, emphasizing the role of storytelling in combat sports promotion.

While combat sports often rely on compelling narratives to sell fights, this match took storytelling to a new level by creating a fictional scenario.

The dealer, resembling Kingpin with a bald head and a robust physique, donned an elegant black coat and jewelry, a stark contrast to the typical MMA attire. On the other hand, the ‘crac*-head’ wore a standard MMA outfit and appeared significantly smaller, setting the stage for a visually mismatched confrontation.

While it’s important to note that this was not a legitimate mixed martial arts match, the two participants engaged in a real clash. Despite the dealer’s apparent lack of martial arts experience, his imposing frame made the encounter interesting.

The bout lasted almost a full round, with the ‘crac*-head’ ultimately landing a powerful right hand on the dealer’s jaw. The impact dropped the dealer, and the ‘crack-head’ secured victory with a ground-and-pound, prompting the referee to stop the match.

Although these unconventional matches serve as interludes between traditional MMA bouts, they contribute to the overall entertainment factor of the event. Such absurd and amusing matchups, while not the main focus of the competition, are becoming increasingly popular in Russian MMA promotions.