(Video) Counting down 5 most Iconic MMA lines

Mixed Martial Arts has captured the hearts of many fans worldwide. With its exciting battles and unpredictable outcomes, MMA has provided unforgettable moments throughout the years.

However, some of the most memorable moments in MMA history happened outside of the octagon, where stars exchange taunts and trash talk. Here are some of the best lines that will forever be iconic in MMA.

Nate Diaz: “I’m not surprised, motherf***er.”

Nate Diaz is known for his toughness and his “gangster” attitude around the cage. In 2016, he submitted Conor McGregor, and after, he delivered one of the best lines in MMA history. When asked about his win, Diaz said, “I’m not surprised, motherf***er.” This line became an instant classic, and fans continue to use it to this day.

Tito Ortiz: “I want to outlive my children.”

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz is notorious for having trouble arranging his words, but he always exudes 100% confidence.

In one interview, he revealed that he was adopting a healthy lifestyle, and he said he wanted to outlive his children. This baffling statement is a perfect example of how Tito Ortiz’s trash talk is sometimes unintentionally hilarious.

Kimbo Slice: “You got baby nuts.”

Kimbo Slice was a heavyweight contender in Bellator, and he was known for his intimidating presence and powerful punches. However, he was also famous for his trash talk.

In 2016, he insulted his opponent Dada 5000 by saying he had “baby nuts,” implying that he had small assets. Slice even challenged Dada to compare their assets and almost pulled down his pants.

Nick Diaz: “There was no campground, no tent.”

Nick Diaz, the older brother of Nate Diaz, is known for his “I don’t give a f*ck” attitude and his out-of-place statements. In one interview, he was asked about his training camp, which he found to be a boring question.

He answered by mistaking it for camping in general and said, “I don’t know where this MMA turned into a camp. There was no campground, no tent.” This line is an example of how Nick Diaz’s trash talk is often confusing but entertaining.

Chael Sonnen: “The only person I know making money using their mouth is his ex-wife.”

Chael Sonnen is regarded as the best trash talker in the world of MMA. He is known for his swift talking and his ability to bait his opponents into saying something that he can use against them.

In one of his most memorable lines, he baited Tito Ortiz into talking about something he was “good at.” Sonnen then delivered the line, “Tito always says I’m using my mouth to get my opportunity.

The only person I know making money using their mouth is his ex-wife.” This line is an example of how Chael Sonnen’s trash talk can be both humorous and ruthless.