(Video) Cop fights off man wielding machete, overpowers him

A brave police officer went viral after a video of him fighting a man with a machete got spread online. The officer even managed to take down and subdue the guy bare handed.

Crazy scuffle between a police officer and an armed man recently occurred in India. The police officer in Kerala was summoned to settle a property dispute between two brothers. One of the brothers had called the cops to arrest the other at Nooranad of Alappuzha district in Kerala on June 12.

The man was clearly unhappy about his brother’s decision and refused to be taken by the officer. When the officer approached him, he immediately whipped out a huge machete and attacked the officer.

The officer didn’t back down and charged in instead. He caught the man’s hand holding the machete and took him down. After a bit of struggle, the officer managed to secure the machete. At this point, the locals have gathered on the scene and they helped him to arrest the man. The whole incident was caught by a security camera placed on a local shop.

The footage was uploaded to Twitter by India’s Additional DGP and Women’s Safety Swati Lakra. She commended the police officer and praised him.

“How a real hero looks like… Kudos to this Sub Inspector of Police from Kerala.” Lakra wrote in the caption.

The officer is confirmed to be Arun Kumar who has been working as a civil police officer since 2007. Kumar received several injuries to his arm following the incident and required a total of seven stitches.

Soon after, Arun Kumar was awarded a commendation certificate and atrophy for his brave action by the state police chief Anil Kanth. Meanwhile, the attacker named Sugunathan has been arrested following the incident. The 48-year-old has been charged with murder attempt.