(Video) Cop caught punching teen at gym after she ‘hogs machine’ his wife wants

An eyebrow raising incident of excessive use of force was captured on camera at a gym in Goiânia, Brazil.

Military police officer Luiz Pereira da Silva Neto Moura de Macena Mendonça, 28, punched an 18-year-old female gym-goer because she was taking too long on a weight machine.

The incident took place on Feb. 28 and has since gone viral on social media.


According to reports, Mendonça and his wife wanted to use the machine, but the teenager was taking breaks between intervals to scroll on her phone, which they found frustrating. Mendonça’s wife asked how long the girl would be, which led to a heated argument.

When the teenager made a snarky comment and stormed off, Mendonça punched her in the face, causing her to stumble backward.

Mendonça also assaulted one of the woman’s male companions when they tried to intervene. The victim and several witnesses filed a complaint at the police station, and the young gym-goer was examined for possible injuries sustained during the altercation.

The gym has reportedly banned Mendonça from the premises and issued a statement condemning all forms of aggression. The Military Police of Goiás State, the organization for which Mendonça works, stated that the case “is being monitored by the Corrections and Discipline Command, which has instituted a Disciplinary Administrative Process.”

Unfortunately, gyms have become a hotbed for violent incidents lately, with several similar altercations occurring in recent months. In one such incident in December, two gym-goers exchanged blows in a crowded weight room for nearly two minutes before bystanders intervened. In another incident last month, a Florida woman was filmed bravely fending off an attacker who had assaulted her at an apartment gym. The suspect was later arrested after trying to victimize another woman.


The incident involving Mendonça highlights the importance of controlling emotions and exercising restraint in all situations.

It also raises concerns about excessive force and aggression in public spaces, especially in the case of those who are supposed to uphold the law. Gyms should be a safe place for people to exercise and work towards their fitness goals, free from fear of violence or harassment.

It is imperative for gym-goers and gym staff to report any incidents of aggression and take necessary steps to prevent such occurrences in the future.