(Video) Conor McGregor’s reaction to losing 6-0 in TUF leaks early

Irish MMA icon Conor McGregor found himself in a state of despair when leaked footage from the TUF series revealed his team suffered sixth consecutive loss.

Team McGregor’s luck on the show seems to be spiraling downward, as they experienced their fifth straight defeat in a recent episode. Carlos Vera (representing Team McGregor) faced Brad Katona and suffered a loss via decision.

Unfortunately for McGregor, the leaked footage for the upcoming episode indicates that his team’s streak of losses will persist. This latest loss brings the score to a staggering 6-0 in favor of the American team.

In the leaked footage, Conor McGregor can be seen dropping to his knees in disbelief upon witnessing the defeat of Lee Hammond. Hammond faced Kurt Holobaugh and ultimately succumbed to a submission in the second round.

The match appeared to be going well for McGregor’s combatant until Holobaugh executed an extraordinary submission, leading Hammond to tap out and accept defeat.

Connor and Chandler full exchange
by u/ArteHokage in ufc

Following the match, tensions between the two coaches escalated rapidly. McGregor was fueled by frustration and threatened Chandler to break his nose. A physical confrontation then ensued when the Irishman pushed his rival.

Conor McGregor has never shied away from expressing his opinions on the TUF series. After Carlos Vera’s loss to Brad Katona in the fifth episode, McGregor wasted no time in approaching the officials. He argued that the matchup should have been a three-rounder.

Speaking directly on the show, McGregor voiced his dissatisfaction by stating: “Let them fight three rounds! Give them three rounds, lads! We want three-rounders here, judges, yeah? F*** this two-rounds — It’s five rounds for a world title!”

“You ever had one of those world titles Michael? You ever had a five-rounder?”

Quick to defend himself against McGregor’s insults, Chandler promptly replied: “Yep, lots of them. And we won both… we don’t need three rounds, we won both.”

UFC president Dana White had previously hinted at a potential altercation between Chandler and McGregor on the TUF. Reflecting on the events that unfolded, White expressed his disappointment by saying: “Chandler and Conor were very respectful to each other and then some things started escalating that you’ll see on the show.”

“They do not like each other now, a lot of s*** went down. I don’t look at stuff that’s good for the show or things like that. Whatever happens, happens.”

“The stuff that just happened shouldn’t have happened and I’m getting old, boys. I would’ve been in there sooner back in the old days but not good, there was a lot of s*** that went down.”