(Video) Cocky Street Fighter Gets Slept By A Kyokushin Black Belt

There are various reasons people invest their time into training mixed martial arts. Some train to be more healthy, to sharpen their focus, to increase their stamina while others prefer to be able to defend themselves. Additionally, learning martial arts also strengthens your character.

Back to the self-defense. Japanese full-contact martial art Kyokushin karate is one of the best choices if you want to keep yourself safe in a street fight. There are a few things that Kyokushin teaches you that are hard to find in other martial arts and that are very valuable in a street fight: You learn to fight bare-knuckle and you learn to take hits and not back down.

Street fighting is definitely more dangerous than any professional fighting competition as there are no rules, no referees and no rounds. One thing you can hope for as a martial artist is that a person challenging you doesn’t have real training experience. This makes the challenge substantially easier.

In a video below, an unknown black belt put a wannabe gangster to sleep on hard concrete. The fight lasted a whole minute. The black belt  delivered a combination of punches and kicks and finally did a spinning hook kick that connected to the poor guy’s chin.

From the video, it seems like the shirtless street fighter is curious about what a black belt can do if he fights for real and decided to challenge him. At the end of the video, the street fighter got floored so bad that the karateka rushed in to check on him.