(Video) Clueless reporter refers to Kevin Holland as MMM Fighter

In the world of martial arts comedy is never too far behind. Recently Kevin Holland subdued an armed gunman during an outing at a Houston, Texas sushi restaurant with several other training partners.

The fun loving UFC fighter first stopped a crime in progress in October of 2021. Holland was filmed on twitter apprehending a guy who was allegedly trying to jack somebody’s car. This lead Holland to first chase the perp in his dodge charger – and then jump out and grab him on foot.

Holland confirmed the incident personally:

Witnesses told reporters that the fighters quickly subdued the 24 year old assailant and took his gun away according to  KPRC.

Incident happened at RA Sushi. The restaurant was packed at the time with reported 40 to 50 people on the scene. One of the witnesses reveals he heard a loud bang and then saw customers starting to run from the scene.

“We just quickly hopped on it, got to the shooter, got him down,” Robinson told KPRC. “He had a backpack on him. We got the backpack away from him because we didn’t know what was in the backpack. And pretty much everything went well from there.”

Robinson told KHOU that due to his training in mixed martial arts, it “was just quick instincts.”

The gunman in question is likely facing multiple charges. He has not been publicly identified by the police.

But all this is besides the point, earlier today a news report featured the following hilarious gaffe: